Lodging Tax

Lodging & Accommodations Tax

Accommodations tax, also known as lodging tax, applies to every business that provides lodging services. Lodging vendors are required to charge 3% on all lodging services in Greenwood Village. The 3% is calculated based on the lease or rental of a single room rate (excluding tax). This is in addition to the 3% sales tax.

Obtaining a License

A Lodging Tax License must be obtained by all businesses that provide lodging services within the City of Greenwood Village. There is no application fee required and annual renewal is not necessary.

Lodging Transactions Exempt from the 3% Accommodations Tax

  • Lodging provided to any person for a period of at least thirty consecutive days
  • Lodging provided to religious, charitable, and eleemosynary functions and activities only
  • Lodging provided to the United States government, the state, its departments or institutions, and political subdivisions in their governmental capacities only; including the village and any department
  • Lodging provided to persons which the city is prohibited from taxing under the Constitution or laws of the United States or the state

How to Remit

The 3% Accommodations Tax payment must be remitted on a monthly basis. The tax payment and accompanying return should be mailed to:

City of Greenwood Village
P.O. Box 910841
Denver, CO 80274

Taxpayers are welcome to fax zero dollar tax returns to 303-486-5757.

Tax Coupon Booklets

Lodging tax coupon booklets are mailed every year to all licensed businesses for their convenience in remitting taxes to the village. Blank tax return forms are also available. When using a blank form, please make sure to include the name of your business, tax account number, and tax period(s) for which you are filing.

Ownership, Name, or Address Changes

If your business has had a recent change of ownership, name, or address, please contact the village’s Tax Staff at 303-486-8299. You are also welcome to notify us of any changes by fax at 303-486-5757 or by email.