Tom Bishop

Councilmember Tom Bishop

Tom Bishop has been a Greenwood Village resident with his wife, Trinda, and two now grown children for over twenty five years. Tom is active in local community affairs with his service to include:
  • November 2011 - elected to the Greenwood Village City Council
  • January 2011 - Appointed to the Greenwood Village City Council, District 4
  • 2000 - 2008: Member of the Greenwood Village Planning and Zoning Commission and served as vice-chairman
  • Member of the Greenwood Village Citizens Budget Committee in the 1990’s
  • Board member of the Autumn Hills Homeowners’ Association over the last fifteen years, serving as president, secretary, and treasurer
  • 1989 - present: Member of the Denver Southeast Rotary Club and served in the capacities of secretary and president with numerous terms on the board
  • 1992 - present: Appointed by the Governor to the Colorado Municipal Bond Supervision Advisory Board for multiple terms

Community Service

Tom and Trinda’s community service commitment extends to their church, alma mater, and support of the underserved and impoverished worldwide through board membership and non-profit agency work. Their service focuses on the benefits of micro-lending to the poor, economic development to improve the infrastructure of communities, and impactful investing to support job formation and educational opportunities.

Professional Life

Tom has now retired from his professional career which over the last thirty five years focused on providing sound public finance and underwriting services to local governments of Colorado. This professional knowledge has given him unique insight into the financial composition of local governments. During his career, Tom has created financing techniques that are still accepted throughout the region as standards in public finance. Tom is a value-added member of the City Council with his ability to quickly evaluate large volumes of fiscal data associated with the city, contextualize economic issues, and provide leadership to ensure that the city weathers any economic environment.

Formal Education

Tom’s formal education includes a Masters of Science Degree in Health Finance from the University of Colorado and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Goshen College. He has served on the Goshen College Board of Overseers and has served as past president of the alumni board of Goshen College.

Personal Hobbies & Interests

Tom’s avocations include travel, garden railroading, golf, skiing and playing trains with his grandchildren.