Long Road Reconstruction Design

Active Project Status


 September 2017

Project Description:

The project will optimize the effectiveness of traffic calming and utilize other mitigation techniques to minimize the negative impacts of current and future traffic volumes. The project will consists of pavement reconstruction, upgrading of the drainage system and enhancement of the streetscape section.

Project Manager:

John Wannigman

Project Status:

  The closure phase switched to Phase 3 on Monday, August 28.  The Phase 3 segment extends from Steele St. to Long Ct.  Village Way is within the closure segment and access to these properties will start from the west.  Another update will be provided when access to Village Way switches to the east side as the roadway reconstruction progressing from Steele St.

Lower lift paving is complete from Dry Creek Ct. to Steele St and Phase 3, to the west, is scheduled to be paved in mid-September.  Waterline installation will continue from the intersection of Long Road and Long Drive south the Long Drive in the coming weeks.  Storm sewer installation is to extend from the current end (west of Village Way) to the Highline Canal in the coming weeks.

Concrete repair and asphalt patching are in progress on Dry Creek, Highline Circle and Village Way in preparation of the final asphalt overlay on these streets.  As this work extends beyond the closure area this segment of roadway will be controlled by alternating one-way flagging operations.   The trench will be capped with asphalt milling and maintained by the contractor until the roadway reconstruction phase catches up from the east. Two-thirds of the waterline is installed and three-quarters of the storm sewer is installed. 

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