Pavement and Concrete Rehabilitation

Active Project Status


  September 2017

Project Description:

Provide reconstruction of Village streets and trails as well as surface treatments to prolong the life of Village pavements. This program also provides for the replacement of deteriorated concrete trails and concrete along Village streets.

Project Manager:

Wanda DeVargas - Concrete Program
John Wannigman - Pavement Program

Concrete Program

Canon Villas subdivision, E. Progress Circle (Monaco) and installation of ADA ramps at Yosemite/Radcliff were complete. Crews plan to continue with installations at miscellaneous locations and punch list items during the month of September.  

Pavement Rehabilitation Program

- Autumn Hills reconstruction required cement treatment of unstable subgrade, which extended the work schedule.  Final paving will be completed the 2nd week of September.  Remaining striping and punch list items are anticipated to last through September.

Pavement Preservation Program

- Brannan S & G has a tentative start date of May 30. Boston St. was removed from the scope, and design work by JR Engineering has begun for grade changes at the north end new Belleview.

Trail Rehabilitation Program

For the 2017 TRP, staff is in process of negotiating pricing with last year’s paving contractor) for hard surface work.  Staff is also soliciting landscape contractor bids for soft-surface and drainage-related work. 

Rejuvenator Sealing 

 - The 2017 Rejuvenator Seal Project is currently underway on Orchard Road West of University Blvd. and Quebec between East Berry Ave and East Progress Place with a projected completion date of September 16th.

Gravel Road Rehabilitation Project 

 - Test sections are all in place and being monitored for performance.