Open Space - The Finite Frontier

When: January 6 - February 28
Reception: Saturday, January 13 6:00pm- 8:00pm
Curator's Talk: Saturday, January 27 1-3pm

The American West, once the uncharted, undiscovered territory is not without its limitations. This picturesque open landscape is now shared with man’s footprint of over development, industrial pollution and destructive mining practices.  On the contrary, the ever-growing city brings us modern day conveniences, cutting-edge technology, infrastructure and anthropological opportunities. This exhibition explores the wild frontier juxtaposed with the urban habitat, and how we as humans both resist and rely on these finite environments. 

Exhibiting Artists include:

Jeff Aeling (Courtesy of Havu Gallery)

Evan Anderman

Beau Carey (Courtesy of Goodwin Gallery)

Paul Ching-Bor

Rick Dula (Courtesy of Havu Gallery)

Sharon Feder (Courtesy of Goodwin Gallery)

Elizabeth Ferrill (Courtesy of Michael Warren Gallery)

Patti Hallock (Courtesy of Goodwin Gallery)

Kevin O’Connell (Courtesy of Robischon Gallery)

Mariah Raymond

Chandler Romeo

Don Stinson (Courtesy of David B. Smith Gallery)

Sarah Winkler (Courtesy of K Contemporary)

Aaron Wuerker

Ron Zito

This exhibit is curated by Robin Whatley, Program Coordinator at the Art Students League of Denver.