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DATE:             November 29, 2004

TO:                  Planning and Zoning Commission

FROM:           Stephen L. Hebert, City Planner

SUBJECT:      Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting for December 7, 2004





7:00 p.m.                1.   Regular Meeting


                              2.   Roll Call


                              3.   Approval of the Minutes: November 16, 2004


                              4.   Old Business: None


                              5.   New Business: 

      1.   Case #04-45-PUD, Roslyn Development

            5351 S. Roslyn Street

            Planned Unit Development to allow two additional levels, expanding the parking lot and reconfiguring the landscaped areas.


      2.   Case #04-76-APSP, WB2 (KWGN Inc.)

            6160 S. Wabash Way

            Amended Planned Sign Program to allow replacement of the wall signs


6.   Discussion Items:

      1.   Discussion regarding revisions to the Drainage Criteria Manual, Construction Site Management, and the Municipal Code Regarding: Redevelopment Criteria, Water Quality Standards, Sanitation and Safety for Construction Sites, and Illicit Discharges


      2.   Discussion regarding the Proposed New Lighting Chapter as part of the Land Development Code


                              7.   Staff Reports: None


                              8.   General Issues: None


                              9.   Adjournment