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DATE: January 28, 2004

TO:                  Planning and Zoning Commission

FROM:           Stephen L. Hebert, City Planner

SUBJECT:      Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting of February 3, 2004




7:00 p.m.                 1.   Regular Meeting


2.      Roll Call


                                3.   Approval of the Minutes:         January 20, 2004


4.      Old Business:    None


5.      New Business: 

A.  Case #03-38-SUP, Beacon County Day School

6100 E. Belleview Avenue

Special Use Permit to allow a building addition, site improvements for landscaping, trash and mechanical equipment enclosure, and a new ground sign.


                                          B.   Case #03-72-PP/FP, Long Meadow Estates

                                                9900-10000 E. Belleview Avenue

                                                Preliminary and Final Plats


6.      Discussion Item: Comprehensive Plan


7.      Staff Reports: None


8.      General Issues: None


9.      Adjournment