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Village Profile
Community Profile
Greenwood Village, Colorado is situated in Arapahoe County, immediately south of Denver, encompassing 8.3 square miles. The village was first incorporated as a town in 1950 and received its home rule charter in 1968.

Once primarily a rural community, Greenwood Village has developed into a dynamic blend of urban and residential areas, to include nationally recognized business parks and select neighborhood associations.

Greenwood Village is a unique community with a population of approximately 14,652 residents and a "daytime" population made up of approximately 35,685 members of our business community.

Statistics & Demographics Information
Demographic / Statistic

Official Figure



Population 2000 11,035 2000 Census
Population 2010  13,925 2010 Census
Population 2013 (estimate) 14,652   US Census Bureau  
Number of People Employed within Greenwood Village 38,055  Finance 2014 figure
Number of Households 4,206 2000 Census
Number of Households 5,854 2009-2013 Census
Median Household Income $109,681 US Census Bureau 2009-2013
Per Capita Income $76,989 US Census Bureau 2009-2013
Total Number of Schools (public and private) 7 Greenwood Village Neighborhood  Directory  
Total Square Miles of the Village 8.3 STS
Lane Miles of Streets within the Village 224 PW
Number of Parks 22 PTR / PW
Acres of Parks 279.32 PW 2013 figure
Miles of Trails, Paths  46.8 PW / PTR 2012 figure
Urban/Open Space Parks 19 PW / PTR  
Acres of Urban/Open Space Parks 253.77 PW / PTR  
Acres of Streetscapes 53 PW / PTR  
Conservation Easements-Private 2 PTR  
Conservation Easements-Public PTR  
Acres of Conservation Easements (Private)  19.1 PTR  
 Acres of Conservation Easements (Public) 59  PTR  
Number of Budgeted Full-Time Village Employees 259 2014 Budget  

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