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Frequently Asked Questions of the Municipal Prosecutor
  1. Where is the Municipal Prosecutor's Office located?
    The Municipal Prosecutor's Office is located in City Hall at 6060 South Quebec Street.
  2. What are the hours of business for the Municipal Prosecutor's Office?
    The Municipal Prosecutor is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  3. How can I talk to a prosecutor about my ticket?
    Your ticket has a court date on its face. When you appear on that date, you will have an opportunity to speak to a prosecutor about your case. Please call 303-773-6033 if you cannot appear on that date. Failure to appear on your scheduled court date may result in criminal liability.
  4. Why do I want to talk to a prosecutor?
    Prosecutors represent the City of Greenwood Village and therefore cannot give defendants legal advice on their cases. Prosecutors can, however, provide defendants with different choices as to how defendants may handle their cases. One of these choices may be a plea bargain which is often a sentencing concession in exchange for a plea of guilty to the charge.
  5. What if I cannot attend court on my scheduled date?
    Please call 303-773-6033 if you will have difficulty appearing on your court date. Failure to appear on your scheduled court date may result in criminal liability.
  6. What is an arraignment?
    An arraignment is the defendant's first appearance in court. At arraignment a defendant can do one of several things - plead guilty, plead not guilty, ask to speak to a prosecutor, or ask for a continuance to seek legal counsel.
  7. How can I get information about my case?
    Defendants have a right to receive relevant police reports and other materials regarding charges against them. All of this information is called "discovery." Discovery can be attained by requesting it in person from the Court Clerk’s Office. If there is a video or pictures in the case, defendants need to request a copy from the Greenwood Village Police Department.
  8. I have been charged with not providing proof of valid insurance when the police contacted me. I did have insurance, I just didn't have my card with me. What should I do?
    You should provide proof of valid insurance for the date you received the ticket. Please attempt to provide this proof before your court date in order to avoid further delays in your case. Please contact 303-773-6033 for more information.
  9. I have been subpoenaed as a witness in a case, but I cannot appear. What should I do?
    Please contact the Municipal Prosecutor's Office at 303-486-1598 as soon as possible. Failure to appear on a subpoena may result in criminal liability.
  10. I am a victim in a case and would like restitution. What should I do?
    Restitution may be awarded for actual monetary losses only. It is helpful to keep all information, including receipts, regarding restitution. Please contact the Municipal Prosecutor's Office for more information at 303-486-1598.
  11. How can I report a crime or city code violation?
    If it is an emergency, please dial 911. The non-emergency number for the Greenwood Village Police Department is 303-773-2525.