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Capital Improvement Projects

Public Works Facility - Includes a new fleet building, covered equipment canopies, snow and ice control materials
storage, and site improvements at the Public Works Facility site as well as building renovations for the Police Department evidence storage at the City Hall site. Construction started in August with completion anticipated in mid-2015.

Storm System Maintenance Provide repairs and improvements to the ponds located at Bridgewater apartments.  Staff is currently working with the proposed development west of the site to coordinate this project.


Carson Park Pond Improvements- Improve the drainage facilities in Carson Park through the construction of an edging around the pond, armoring of the trickle channel and flattening of the steep slopes at the southeast corner of the park through storm sewer improvements. Adjustments are necessary to address concerns that resulted from a storm event in August and this will include cleanup and plantings which are scheduled to occur in October weather permitting.

Village Center and Goldsmith Gulch Trail Extension – This project will provide a trail connection and undercrossing at Caley Avenue near the Goldsmith Gulch alignment. FHWA has approved the funding and an IGA with CDOT was approved by City Council on May 5, 2014. The Village is currently in negotiations with th design consultant. The scope of work is being coordinated with the proposed development on the south side of Caley adjacent to the regional pond.

Westlands Park Retaining Wall - Construct a retaining wall west of the water feature and one east of the slide. This project will add additional amenities to Westlands Park and addresses maintenance operation issues.

Westlands Park Water Supply Improvements - Provide sustainable water supply options for irrigation of the Westlands Park and adjacent land conveyance. The middle "Dolphin" pond will be re-purposed to be utilized as an irrigation storage pond. A storm sewer diversion system, additional pumping station west of the pond, and irrigation system improvements will be construction to facilitate this improvement. Final completion is anticipated for October, weather permitting.


I-25 / Arapahoe Road Interchange - Funds have been allocated for the Village’s contribution toward the local match for the Final Design of the I-25 and Arapahoe Road Interchange Improvements. This is being done in cooperation with Centennial, Colorado Department of Transportation, and Arapahoe County. It is expected that the construction will commence in early 2016 and be completed by the end of 2017. For More Information.

Pavement and Concrete Rehabilitation Program
  - Provides for the reconstruction of Village streets and trails as well as surface treatments to prolong the life of Village pavements. The program also provides for the replacement of deteriorated concrete trails and concrete along Village streets.

Long Road Reconstruction Design - Optimize the effectiveness of traffic calming and other mitigation techniques to minimize the negative impacts of current and future traffic volumes.  The project will consist of pavement reconstruction, upgrading of the drainage system and enhancement of the streetscape section. The design will be completed in 2014 and the construction is scheduled for 2015.
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Southeast Corridor Enhancements To refurbish the stained parapet walls at the Belleview and Orchard interchanges at I-25.

Ulster Circle East Sidewalk - Construct a missing portion of sidewalk to provide safe and convenient pedestrian access.

Yosemite Bridge Headwall Repair Repair the dilapidated south headwall into the Plaza Tower One parking lot. The project consists of the design and construction and a schedule has not yet been established.


Traffic Signal Upgrades - The five-year program to upgrade signals in the Village, was completed in 2013. Additional system enhancements are being completed with the remaining funding to better monitor system performance, monitor performance under snow and ice operations, and add additional left turn movements.

Greenwood Plaza Boulevard Sidewalk  - Improve pedestrian access to the Orchard Light Rail Station through the installation of sidewalks on Greenwood Plaza Boulevard between Berry Avenue and Orchard Road. The project is in the final stages of design and staff is working with property owners to obtain the necessary easements for the sidewalk.

Peakview/Dayton Intersection - Improve eastbound and westbound traffic flow along Peakview Avenue. The Village is working in cooperation with Arapahoe County and the City of Centennial for the design and construction of improvements at the Peakview and Dayton Street Intersection. Improvements will include the extension of the four-lane section of Peakview Avenue from the west through the intersection to the east, providing additional capacity. Project design is complete and construction anticipated to start in spring of 2015.

Decorative Neighborhood Entrance Lights - Improve neighborhood identification at the entrance of Coral Place/Yosemite Street and Franklin Street/Cherryville Road.