City Attorney

City Attorney

The City Attorney provides day-to-day legal advice to the City Council,  City Manager, all boards and commissions, and other city officials on ethical matters, ordinances and regulations, contracts, land use, litigation and a wide range of other legal issues. The city attorney also oversees private law firms retained to assist the city with specialized legal matters.

The City Attorney’s office does not provide legal advice to private citizens.

Assistant City Attorney / Municipal Prosecutor

The Municipal Prosecutor prosecutes traffic, zoning, tax and animal control cases, and other violations of the Greenwood Village Municipal Code in Municipal Court.  They represent Greenwood Village and is given the responsibility of reviewing your past history (criminal or traffic) and determining the penalty recommended to the judge.

The Assistant City Attorney handles liquor code enforcement before the Local Licensing Authority as well as serving as the police legal advisor for the Greenwood Village Police Department and is responsible for the legal training of police recruits and all current Police Department employees.