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The Curtis Center for the Arts is home to many unique and exciting art exhibits, lectures, cultural events, concerts, activities for seniors, and youth, and adult art programs. Curtis serves as the focal point in Greenwood Village’s commitment to the arts. Seven exhibits are offered at Curtis during the year including Youth Art Month, the Greenwood and Beyond Photography Show, and the All Colorado Art Show. Learn more about the History of Curtis.

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Phase Change 
When: September 19- October 31

Meet the Artists (via Zoom): Tuesday, October 13th 6:30pm Zoom Link

Meet the Artists (via Zoom): Tuesday, October 20th 6:30pm Zoom Link

Closing "Reception": Saturday, October 31st 4-8pm, Timed ticket required: TICKETS

petri1In 2018, Greenwood Village resident, Tina Suszynski, and Martha Russo of Ward, Colorado, embarked upon a conversation about personal artistic development and the collaborative process. While in the midst of this conversation, they stumbled upon the Red Lodge Clay Center Artist-Invites-Artist Residency program in Montana. The timing was uncanny. The two decided to put a group together and apply for the residency for September of 2019. After a bit brainstorming and a flurry of emails, they established a group of eight artists and secured the residency.

“Some of us had met, some of us were friends, some had never heard of the other except in the emails discussing the Red Lodge Artist-Invites-Artist Residency. Although everyone was busy and productive in their studio art practices, we all agreed that leaving our daily lives behind to come together in beautiful Montana would facilitate conversation and experimentation beyond what we could achieve in our individual home bases.” 

The common denominator for all of these artists is their love of clay. Their experience with clay ranged from decades to just a few years. Five of them are from the length of Colorado’s front range, two are from the Aspen Valley and one flew in from California. All had concluded that the collective experience of this group of artists together with the community and facilities of the Red Lodge Clay Center would undoubtedly spur innovation and excellence. It was a unique opportunity to assemble as a group to forge new professional and artistic relationships that would undoubtedly last a lifetime.

And indeed, it did just that. Eight independent artists with multiple trajectories, histories, skills, and ideas came together as individuals interacting in varied ways. They spent over two weeks together experimenting with different clays, different forms and different methods of firing. They pushed and prodded, laughed and cajoled. The resulting creative chaos produced new, dynamic ideas and opportunities for further exploration. 

The process was organic and interactive, culminating in an exhibition-ready presentation that will showcase individual works from before, during, and after the residency, as well as collaborative works created at Red Lodge. The show, entitled “Phase Change”, will open in mid-September at the Curtis Center for the Arts in Greenwood Village.

Artists include: Martha Russo, Chandler Romeo, Bruce Price, K Cesark, Sara Ransford, Annakatrin Kraus, Andrea Gordon and Tina Suszynski

The Colorado Women’s Caucus for Art Presents- Old Myths, New Stories  
November 7- December 23


This year marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment guaranteeing women (womxn, womyn, wimmin) the right to vote. This gives us pause to consider where we’ve come, where we are and where we’re going as women and artists. Much has been achieved with the recent emphasis on women artists of the past and the spotlight on contemporary women artists.

This show will feature women in the arts expressing ideas about the experience of women through time and today. What is the unique voice of women; the feminine, and the sacred feminine in art? Show us your visual voice and vision of the power of women’s past, present and future in society and in the arts.

It is open to interpretation through all styles and media except video and performance.


Scientific & Cultural Facilities District

Through the Arapahoe County Scientific and Cultural Facilities District, the Curtis Arts and Humanities Center is enriched by grants that enable the center to create new programs or enhance existing programs.

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