Property Taxes

Greenwood Village’s mill levy rate is 2.932 mills and is one of the lowest mill levy rates in the Denver Metro area. As a comparison, Aurora has a mill levy of 10.494 mills, Englewood 7.911 mills, Littleton 6.662 mills, and Centennial 5.047 mills (verify rates). Please note that these are mill levies for city districts only. There are additional mill levies for other districts included in Arapahoe County’s property taxes. The Village’s portion of your overall property tax assessment makes up only a small portion of the total.

Payment and Disbursement of Property Tax

For Greenwood Village addresses property tax is administered by Arapahoe County. Both commercial and residential property taxes in the Village are remitted directly to Arapahoe County who disburses to the entities listed on your property tax statement. Failure to receive a tax notice does not relieve the owner's responsibility or liability for paying taxes on time.

For more information about your property tax statement, please contact the Arapahoe County Assessor’s Office at 303-795-4600.

History of the Property Tax

Property taxes are assessed and collected to provide services and fund infrastructure improvements for the various districts. Property tax revenues received by the Village are utilized for services such as residential trash collection.

Mill levies are determined by each individual taxing authority such as the school, county, city, fire, water, sanitation, and recreation districts. The total mill levy depends upon the districts in which the property is located. County taxes are levied by the Board of County Commissioners. City and town taxes are levied by the City Council. Special district taxes are levied by their board of directors, and school taxes are levied by school boards. After the levies are certified to the County Assessor, the assessor then has the duty to extend the taxes on property and create the tax warrant roll. Colorado law requires the County Treasurer to mail a notice of property taxes to each owner of record even though a mortgage company may be responsible for payment.

Property Tax Districts

Individual property tax statements for residential and commercial will vary depending upon the districts where a property is located.

Where Does Your Money Go?

Read more about where your money goes in our Property Tax Brochure.