Parks & Open Space

Greenwood Village's Parks & Open Spaces

Greenwood Village’s parks and open space are a large part of what makes Greenwood Village such a special place to live and visit. Encompassing 189.58 acres of developed parks and 252 acres of open space / undeveloped land, these areas are unique in landscape including a mix of urban and rural lands that provide limitless opportunities to free the mind and spirit year-round! Whether you want to go for a stroll, ride your bicycle along a trail, play softball with your buddies or push your child on a swing, our parks and open space provide a wide assortment of recreational opportunities. The various amenities, including turf, shrubbery, and trees in each park are meticulously sustained by our maintenance staff.

We invite you to visit Greenwood Village’s parks and open space to see for yourself how our attention to detail is evident, not only in the design, where a blend of various landscapes are used to create unique environments, but in the day-to-day care of these lands as well.

For more information email the Parks, Trails, and Recreation Department or call 303-486-5773.


We encourage the planting of Colorado-friendly trees that are adapted to our semi-arid climate and will not require too much water. Numerous studies have shown that trees help reduce greenhouse gases that cause global warming, control erosion, prevent water runoff, and provide natural cooling to buildings and pavement. Trees yield economic benefits such as lower energy bills, reduced noise, and higher property values. And best of all, trees add beauty to our neighborhoods.