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Emergency Notification Service – Citizen Alert Notification

The safety of the community is a priority for Greenwood Village. Early warning signs help save lives and property. That is why Greenwood Village, in coordination with the Arapahoe County E 911 Authority, has launched a new Citizen Alert System. The Citizen Alert System will allow the Greenwood Village Police Department along with other public safety agencies to make sure you know about emergencies and disasters before or as they happen.

Here’s How It Works

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 1. Wildfire starts, threatening Village homes and businesses.  2. The Village Dispatch Center will activate the Citizen Alert System to notify residents and businesses.  3. System starts contacting thousands of Village residents and businesses instantly by phone, fax, email, and more. The system will try the various communication devices you choose to contact you until it receives a confirmation from you that you have received the message.  4. Recipients receive instructions for safety precautions and evacuation.

What Types of Emergencies Will Citizens Be Notified About? 

The alerts will include natural disaster evacuations, hazardous materials contaminations, missing persons, terrorism preparedness, criminal activity, public health, and any other events that are deemed an emergency by the Greenwood Village Police Department. 

Are Land-Lined Telephones Already Included?

All land-lined telephone numbers located in the boundaries of Greenwood Village are already included in the Citizen Alert System database so citizens will automatically get alerts through their land-line telephones. 

Can Citizens Add Other Communication Devices to Receive Alerts?

You can also sign up to receive emergency alerts on any other communication devices such as cellular phones, email, PDA, pager, and fax. The messages will be delivered in the form of a voice mail, text message, instant message, fax or email depending upon the settings you choose. 

How Do I Sign Up?

The Citizen Alert System will already have your land-line telephone numbers so you do not need to worry about providing that information. If you are interested in being notified of emergencies through other communication devices, simply click the button below. It only takes a few minutes to update your information.


What If I Do Not Live or Own a Business Within The Boundaries of Greenwood Village? 

Only Village residents or business owners with an official address in Greenwood Village have access through the Village web site to sign up. If you live, work, or operate a business in another city of Arapahoe County, you must visit that particular city or county’s web site where your home or business resides to sign up. Currently, Arapahoe County, Douglas, and Larimer counties have launched the new Citizen Alert Notification System. 

What If I Do Not Have Access to the Internet? 

If you do not have access to the Internet, you can call day-shift dispatch team leader at 303-486-8200. Please be prepared to provide your name, your Greenwood Village address, and the telephone numbers of the communication devices you would like added to the Citizen Alert Notification System. 

What Does the Village Do With My Information Once I Submit It? 

The telephone numbers you provide for your communication devices will be entered automatically into the database of the Citizen Alert System. Submitting information is strictly voluntary and any information you provide will be used only for the Citizen Alert System. 

What If My Telephone Numbers Change? 

If your telephone numbers change for other communications devices, you will need to make sure to update your information via the Citizen Alert System button on the Village’s web site. You can always opt-out of the system at any time so you do not receive notifications on your alternate communications devices, however, 911 land line telephone numbers will remain in the system at all times and updated every quarter.


For more information or questions, please call 303-486-8200.