What is the amount of the fine?

The fine for the red-light camera violation is $75.00 (US Dollars).

What if the registered owner was not driving the vehicle at the time of the citation?

The owner should read and submit the affidavit of non-responsibility found on the back of the citation within 15 days of the issue date of the notice of violation.  

If the car has been reported stolen at the time of the violation, the owner must submit a copy of the filed police report with a signed affidavit of non-responsibility.

Can I receive citations for other offenses as a result of my red light camera citation?

No. Drivers who receive photo red light citations are cited for red light violations only.

Where do I mail my payment?

Mail your check or money order, payable to the City of Greenwood Village, along with the tear-off coupon in the enclosed envelope, making sure the payment side shows through the envelope window. Do not mail cash. Write your notice number on the check and mail to:

City of Greenwood Village
Photo Enforcement Program
Post Office Box 742503
Cincinnati, Ohio 45274-2503

Can I pay my fine in person?

You may also pay in person at:

Greenwood Village Municipal Court
6060 S. Quebec Street
Greenwood Village, Colorado

Office hours are between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Where do I mail my Affidavit of Non-Responsibility?

Include your notice number and mail to:

Greenwood Village
Photo Enforcement Program
1150 N. Alma School Rd.
Mesa, AZ 85201

You may also fax it to 480-607-0901.

What is the Refund Policy?

A refund check may be issued under the following circumstances:

  • Duplicate and/or overpayment of a notice of violation
  • Overpayment of the notice of violation as a result of a hearing
  • Paid red light violations monitoring program in error

If you feel as though you are entitled to a refund, please submit your request on the Red Light Refund Form. Send the completed form to the address specified at the top of the form.

Where can I get help with my Red-light Citation?

Customer service can be reached toll-free, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 1-866-790-4111.