Animal Control / Code Enforcement

Animal Control Vehicle.jpgThe primary function of the Greenwood Village Animal Control / Code Enforcement unit is to enforce the City's wildlife and domestic animal regulations and parking violations. The unit works closely with the Greenwood Village Neighborhood Services Officer to also seek compliance with zoning and nuisance violations. 

A Code Enforcement Officer is available Monday through Sunday to address animal complaints and questions. Including issues of animals disturbing the peace, animals at large, animal bites, animal neglect and cruelty and all other issues addressed by Greenwood Village's animal code. Code Enforcement Officers will also respond to parking and some nuisance violations.
For a non-emergency request you can email Animal Control / Code Enforcement. or call 303-773-2525. If this is an emergency please call 9-1-1.

If you have lost or found a pet, please call 303-773-2525 and file a report with the Police Department. The following agencies should also be contacted to ensure greater success in locating or returning pets.

Breed Restriction

There is not a Dog Breed Ban restriction in the City of Greenwood Village.

Dog Licensing

The City of Greenwood Village no longer requires citizens to register their dogs. The Village does require that all dogs have a current Rabies tag on their collar at all times, in case the pet is lost. Every owner of a dog or a cat, three (3) months of age or older shall have evidence of a current rabies vaccination, per Colorado Health Department Guidelines.

Leash Laws and Scoop

Leashes are required in all public areas to ensure the safety of persons, other animals and dogs. Leashes are required for all dogs in Greenwood Village parks. Also refer to "A Guide to Your Dog's Safety and Being A Good Dog Owner" brochure.

The Village has an ordinance regarding animals running at large. Section 7.8.90; Running at large, states:

No person owning or keeping any animal, other than a domesticated cat, shall fail to keep said animal on the premises of the owner or keeper unless the animal is:
  • On a leash, held by a person who is physically able to control the animal; or
  • Within a vehicle, or similarly physically confined, and without access to passers-by.

Pet Waste Removal Ordinance

The Village has an ordinance regarding removal of dog feces. Section 7-8-230 - Removal of dog and cat feces; states:
  • When any dog or cat defecates on any property other than the property of the owner, including common areas, it is the duty of the owner to immediately remove and properly dispose of the dog or cat feces.
  • It is unlawful for any person to allow the accumulation of dog or cat feces on any property owned, occupied or controlled by such person, if such accumulation creates an unsanitary, offensive or unhealthy condition.
  • It is unlawful for any person to place or leave dog or cat feces on public property or on the property of another, or to dispose of such feces in any manner other than deposit in a toilet or a covered container normally used for refuse or garbage. (Ord. 16 § 1, 2009; Ord. 32 § 1, 2011)