Resolution to a Noise Disturbance

TOO NOISY? Talk to your neighbors first; then call the Village

In an effort to protect the quality of life of the community, Greenwood Village Code regulates noise disturbances. Most noises become a violation when they are continually bothersome to others. Citizens are encouraged to be reasonable when it comes to filing a complaint about noise and calling the Village when the noise becomes excessive, ongoing, and / or no resolution can be reached with your neighbor or the person(s) generating the noise. Depending upon the noise complaint, a member of Community Development or the Police Department will investigate any noise concerns.
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Amplified Sound, Stereos, Parties and Live Bands - Contact: Police Department, 303-486-8222

Internal Combustion Equipment, Delivery and Trash Removal Truck and Construction - Contact: Community Development, 303-486-5783

Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre Concert Noise Complaint Line - 303-486-8275

Centennial Airport Noise Hotline - 303-790-4709