Boards and Commissions

Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission operates in an advisory capacity to the City Council and is made up of eight members. The Commissioners review, discuss and recommend to City Council various issues associated with its function. Recommendations from the Commission are forwarded to the City Council, which has the final decision-making responsibility. The City Council carefully weighs board recommendations with citizens, business owners, staff, and other interested parties' comments to determine which Council believes is in the overall best interest of the Village.

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Board of Adjustments & Appeals

In addition to the advisory boards, the Village has one quasi-judicial board, the Board of Adjustment and Appeals. This board deals with requests for exceptions, or variances, to various building codes. This board is given specific powers through state statutes and the Village's Municipal Code and only deals with particular issues. Authority to act on these items is given to the Board of Adjustment and Appeals by ordinance, delegating the council's decision-making power to them. Unlike the advisory board recommendations, the decisions made by the quasi-judicial board are final and can only be appealed to and overturned by a court.

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