Special Operations Division

The Special Operations Division consists of 3 areas:

The first is the personnel and teams that enhance normal patrol operations by specializing in various areas. These include street level crime and narcotic investigations, the K9 Unit, the Emergency Response Team (tactical team), the Traffic Safety Unit, the School Resource Unit and the Code Enforcement/Animal Control Unit. Because these teams specialize in their areas of responsibility, they help to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Police Department in handling the myriad of special situations and community needs that confront the Village on a daily basis. This, in turn, frees up our patrol resources so that they may continue to respond to calls and proactively work with the community to prevent crime and safety problems.

The second area is Emergency Management, which focuses on preparation and planning, as well as response, to large scale emergencies that may affect the Village.

The final area is that of Special Events, which includes working with planners of all events that occur in the Village throughout the year. Responsibilities include coordinating extra duty officers and security for hundreds of requests during the year, facilitating planning on run, walk, bike routes for many races and fundraisers, analyzing street use requests, etc. The largest responsibility related to Special Events is the Fiddler's Green Amphitheater concert season, which runs from approximately April to October and can produce 25 to 35 concerts per year.