K-9The Greenwood Village Police Department's K-9 Unit is currently comprised of a K-9 team. The team consists of an officer/handler and a police dog. The K-9 team is trained in narcotics detection, tracking of suspects, area and building searches for evidence or suspects, obedience and agility, suspect apprehension, and handler protection. The K-9 team has been SWAT trained and is currently used by the department's Emergency Response Team in addition to assisting other agencies' SWAT teams.

Some additional responsibilities of the unit include conducting demonstrations and providing information about the unit to local charity and citizen groups, citizen and youth academies, and at city functions. The K-9 unit also completes regular proactive locker searches for narcotics at the request of the local schools.

K-9 training is an ongoing process of several days a month and includes meticulous note taking. The K-9 team must demonstrate their proficiency in all areas by conducting bi-annual audits. Due to this high standard of training, the K-9 unit is regularly called to assist area police and sheriff agencies.