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Reservation Period
Permitting Begins


May 1 - August 14
February 1
April 1

August 15 - April 30
May 1
July 1

***For the July 1st opening day for non-residents, in 2023 we will open that season for reservations on June 30th between 3:30 and 4pm.

Types of Events

  1. A resident event is an event for which the permittee is a resident, and the event is an event for the resident and their family and/or friends. This excludes an event for which the permittee is a resident, but the event is actually being organized, managed, or sponsored by a nonresident.  
  2. A resident business event is an event for a business, school, or homeowner’s association located in the City of Greenwood Village.
  3. A nonresident event is an event other than a resident or resident business event.


Group SizeResident Business
0-50Four Hour Block; $50
Eight hour block: $100

Four Hour Block: $100
Eight Hour Block: $150
51-150 peopleFour hour block: $100
Eight hour block: $150
$100 Refundable Security Deposit

Four hour block: $150
Eight hour block: $200
$100 refundable security deposit
Over 150Call Park, Trails and Recreation 303-486-5773
Qualifying Resident events are free

Making Reservations

Pavilion reservations are available through the Parks, Trails, and Recreation Department online reservation system. Click the link to be re-directed to the Pavilion Reservations page.  Once there, you must first create an account (please correct the city of your address if it is incorrect after the system auto-populates the field) and then you may navigate through the system to reserve a date and obtain a permit.  Resident Businesses (businesses located in Greenwood Village) please note: once you set up an account, please call our office so we may designate the account as a resident business and only then will you be able to access the discounted rate while making a reservation. Note! Residents' addresses may sometimes not be recognized as "residents" in which case, please call 303-486-5759 to have the account corrected. 

Refund Policy

Cancellations/refunds MUST be requested FIVE (5) business days prior to your event in order to receive a refund.  There will be a 20% administrative charge for all cancellations.  If an event is canceled due to severe weather, a full refund will be made.

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