Youth Art Month 2020

Youth Art Month is a celebration of the visual arts! Youth Art Month links more than 800,000 K-12 students and over 200 art educators all across America. Student exhibitions, public artworks, art festivals, and school events raise awareness and support of the visual and performing arts. This exhibit celebrates the creativity of the youth in our community. 

This year 32 Arapahoe County K-12 schools  participated in this year’s exhibit. Because the Curtis Center for the Arts had to close its doors in mid-March do to the recent health crisis, the exhibit has been moved online. Please enjoy this virtual gallery of works from over 900 talented young artists.

Arapahoe High School

Arapahoe HS 1
Arapahoe HS 2

Aspen Academy

Aspen Academy 1
Aspen Academy 2
Aspen Academy 3
Aspen Academy 4
Aspen Academy 5
Aspen Academy 6
Aspen Academy 7
Aspen Academy 8

Belleview Elementary

Belleview 1
Belleview 2

Campus Middle School

Campus MS 1
Campus MS 2
Campus MS 3
Campus MS 4

Centennial Academy

Centennail Academy 1
Centennail Academy 2

Cherry Creek Academy

Cherry Creek Academy 1
Cherry Creek Academy 2
Cherry Creek Academy 3
Cherry Creek Academy 4
Cherry Creek Academy 5

Cherry Creek High School

Cherry Hills HS 1
Cherry Hills HS 2
Cherry Hills HS 3
Cherry Hills HS 4
Cherry Hills HS 5
Cherry Hills HS 6

Cherry Hills Village Elementary

Cherry Hills Village 1
Cherry Hills Village 2
Cherry Hills Village 3
Cherry Hills Village 4
Cherry Hills Village 5

Euclid Middle School

Euclid MS 1
Euclid MS 2
Euclid MS 3
Euclid MS 4

Franklin Elementary

Franklin 1
Franklin 2

Goddard Middle School

Goddard MS 1
Goddard MS 2

Grandview High School

Grandview HS 1
Grandview HS 2

Greenwood Village Elementary

Greenwood Village Elementary 1
Greenwood Village Elementary 2

Heritage High School

Heritage High School 1
Heritage High School 2
Heritage High School 3

Highland Elementary

Highland 1
Highland 2

Homestead Elementary


Hopkins Elementary

Hopkins 1
Hopkins 2

Lenski Elementary

Lenski Elementary 1
Lenski Elementary 2

Littleton Academy

Littleton Academy 1
Littleton Academy 2

Mark Twain Elementary

Mark Twain 1
Mark Twain 2

Newton Middle School

Newton MS 1
Newton MS 2

Peabody Elementary

Peabody 1
Peabody 2

Powell Middle School

Powell MS 1
Powell MS 2
Powel MS 3

Ralph Moody Elementary

Ralph Moody 1
Ralph Moody 2

Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning

Rocky MT 1
Rocky MT 2

Runyon Elementary

Runyon 1
Runyon 2

Sandburg Elementary

Sandburg 1
Sandburg 2

Timberline Elementary

Timberline 1
Timberline 2

Walnut Hills Elementary

Walntu Hills 1
Walnut Hills 2

West Middle School

West Middle School 1
West Middle School 2
West Middle School 3
West Middle School 4
West Middle School 5
West Middle School 6