Online Art Classes

In an effort to keep our students engaged and their art skills honed during the Coronavirus pandemic, the Curtis Center for the Arts is offering several live and pre-recorded art classes online from our current roster of instructors. All of these offerings are FREE and do not require a registration. Check back often as classes will be added weekly. Be safe and we hope to see you all again soon until classes begin again at the Curtis Center for the Arts tentatively scheduled for May 16, 2020.

New Online Classes Open for Registration

While the Curtis Center for the Arts is closed, the Cultural Arts Program has developed some online classes to help keep your art skills honed. These classes will be offered through Zoom from some of our world class instructors. All of these classes require a registration to be able to attend the class. Here is a short list of classes:

Expressive Mark Making Online

Online Classes Include:

Art Lover’s Lecture with Kevin Weckbach | Casual Watercolor Daily Sketches with Renee Reese

Exploring Color for the Painter with Aimee Deneweth | Expressive Mark-Making with Julia Rymer

Landscape Painting in Oils and Pastels with Cliff Austin | Online Drawing and Sketching with Rick Brogan

Online Master Series with Kevin Weckbach | Online Watercolor with Rick Brogan | Virtual Paint Your Pet with Anita Mosher Solich

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Watch on Your Own Time

Julia RymerPrecipice

Marbling Monoprints for Kids: Learn how to create marbled monoprints with simple supplies. Great for ages preschool and up (with assistance). Instructed by artist and art educator, Julia Rymer. Watch video here.

Mixed Media Painting with Julia Rymer: Join artist and art educator Julia Rymer as she demonstrates ways to mix watermedia and drawing materials into an artwork. Create expressive, colorful paintings with lots of texture! Watch video here.

Cliff AustinAudubon Center

Join us as we follow Cliff on a journey to create 30 paintings in 30 days. We join Cliff half way through his adventure. Cliff will talk about his approach to tackle this daunting challenge. We will add more of his videos as they are completed.  

Day 1         Day 2          Day 3          Day 4           Day 5           Day 6          Day 7          Day 8          Day 9          Day 10

Day 11       Day 12         Day 13       Day 14         Day 15         Day 16        Day 17       Day 18         Day 19        Day 20

Day 21      Day 22         Day 23       Day 24          Day 25        Day 26       Day 27        Day 28          Day 29        Day 30

Janet AndersonDSCF5167

Field of Flowers: Watch Janet as she explains her process for completing a landscape painting. This four part series will take you through all of the steps she takes from start to finish. Part 1- Composition and Initial Blocking-In        Part 2-Mixing the Palette         Part 3- Color Block- In    Part 4- Continuation of Block-In and Finishing Shapes

Fall Aspens: This four-part series walks you through Janet’s approach to painting those vibrant Fall aspens. Part 1- Starting Off on the Right Foot         Part 2- Adding Color        Part 3- Adding Texture and Fine Tuning Shapes        Part 4- Finishing Touches

Renee ReeseAssorted Watercolor Flowers

Painting Lilies in Watercolor blog post: Renée guides you through her step-by-step painting process as she watercolors Oriental Lilies. This lesson covers resist and background techniques as well as color layering for glowing effects. Click here to read the blog post.

Watercolor Pansies Video: Paint cheerful pansies in watercolor with Renée & learn color blending and layering techniques. Click here to watch the video.  Reference photos from video are available below. 

                        Ref #1                   Ref #2                 Ref #3

Art Projects Just for Kids

Watercolor Silhoutte

IMG_20200515_081253 (1)

Learn how to make your own colorful silhouette paintings using watercolor. Click here to learn how. 

Giant Doughnuts

IMG_20200518_084907Yummy!! Learn how to paint and decorate your very own large cardboard donuts that will look so good that they will want to eat them! Click here to learn how. 

Sharpie Tie Dye

IMG_20200518_112843 Opens in new windowLearn how to make your make your own tie dye designs using Sharpies. Click here to learn how.

Styrofoam Prints


Learn how to make your own engraving prints using Styrofoam and a ball pint pen. Click here to learn how. 



Learn how to make your own colorful monoprints using a Q-tip and some paint! Click here to learn how.

Citrus Prints

IMG_20200511_103529Create a colorful and yummy smelling work art using fruit! Click here to learn how.

Mother’s Day Picture Painting


Learn how to create a painting/drawing on your own photograph to give as a gift for Mother’s Day. Click here to learn how.

Vase Pouring

Vase Pouring

Learn how to do the popular paint pour technique on your old flower vases you have at home.  These colorful vases are great gifts to give your favorite teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week or to give to Mom for Mother’s Day. Click here to learn how.

Foil Stained Glass

IMG_20200427_150722Learn how to make a piece of foil look like a colorful piece of stained glass. Click here to learn how.

Zig Zag Painting

IMG_20200429_080958Learn how to make your own colorful Zig-Zag painting using craft tape. Click here to learn how.

Make Your Own Watercolor Paint

IMG_20200427_123721 (1)Learn how to make your own watercolor paint using recycled markers! Click here to learn how.

Zentangle Hearts

IMG_20200424_080951Learn all about the art of zentangle and how to make your own zentangle designs. Click here to learn how.

Chihuly Paper SculptureChihuly Paper Sculpture (1)

Learn how to make your own Chihuly inspired paper sculpture out of a coffee filter! This project is for all ages and all you need is a coffee filter, Sharpies and fabric spray starch.  Click here to watch the video.

Chihuly Plastic Plate and Cup SculptureChihuly Plate Sculpture (1)

Learn how to make colorful and unique sculptures from melting plastic cups and plates inspired by the artist Dale Chihuly. This is a fun project for all ages and all you need is a plastic cup/bowl/plate, Sharpies and an oven. Have fun making your own unique creations! Click here to watch the video.

Birds of Color

Birds of Color 1Learn about the color wheel by painting your own colorful flock of birds using watercolor. Click here to watch the video.  

Lady Bug Hot Rock Art

Lady Bug Hot RockHere is a fun and easy way to turn a rock in your own backyard into a decorative ladybug. Click here to watch video.

Make Your Own Puffy Paint

How to Make Puffy PaintYou can make your own puffy paint with objects you can find at home. Click here to learn how

Watercolor Spray Painting

Watercolor Spray PaintingMake your own stencil and then create fun effects using water color spray paint.  Click here to learn how.