Online Art Classes

In an effort to keep our students engaged and their art skills honed during the Coronavirus pandemic, the Curtis Center for the Arts is offering several live and pre-recorded art classes online from our current roster of instructors. All of these offerings are FREE and do not require a registration. Check back often as classes will be added weekly. Be safe and we hope to see you all again soon until classes begin again at the Curtis Center for the Arts.

Art Projects Just for Kids

Pee Wee Art- Monet's Magical Garden

Monet Magical Garden 5

Learn how to make your own colorful Monet inspired garden painting using watercolor inspired by the book The Magical Garden of Claude Monet. Pee Wee Art will be back in the classroom in August! For more information and to register go to Click here to learn how.

Pee Wee Art- Stained Glass Hands

Stained Glass HandsThere is nothing better than a homemade art project that doubles as the perfect gift and keepsake to give to a loved one. For this project we will be making adorable handprint suncatchers! These handprint suncatchers are perfect for placing in your windows to brighten up your home or you can frame them and give them as a gift. Click here to learn how.

Button Chicks

Button Chicks 2

Learn how to make a colorful spring baby chick out of buttons!  Click here to learn how.

Bunny Scraping

Bunny Scrapng 5

Learn how to make your own colorful bunny paintings with a paint scraper! Click here to learn how.

Rainbow Sculptures

Rainbow Sculptures

Learn how to construct and design your very own rainbow sculpture!   Click here to learn how. 

Puffy Paint Shamrock

Lime Green Puffy Paint Shamrock 2

Learn how to make your own puffy paint! This project is perfect for St. Patrick's Day. Young artists will have a magical time making their own shamrocks out of puffy paint that they make themselves! Click here to learn how. 

Pee Wee Art- Love Bug

Love Bugs

Learn how to draw your very own Love Bug! Young artists will be learning about lines and shapes to make their own Love Bug that they will want to draw over again and again. Grab some paper and a pencil and let us get started!  Click here to learn how.

Pee Wee Art- Amore

Textured Heart Lauren

Happy Valentine's Day! Learn how to make a very colorful abstract heart painting using a palette knife. This painting will make for a great Valentine's Day gift to give to your loved ones. Click here to learn how. 

Pee Wee Art- Frosty in a Snowstorm

Frosty in a Snowstorm

Learn about cool colors and how to use them to paint a snowman stuck in a snowstorm! Your young artist will have a blast blending and mixing colors to create this fun winter scene.  Click here to learn how.

Pee Wee Art- Sand Watercolor Snowflakes

Sand Watercolor Snowflakes

Learn how to make cool snowflakes using craft sand and liquid watercolor paints. Click here to learn how.

Pee Wee Art- Resist Watercolor Snowflakes

Resist Watercolor Snowflakes

Learn how to draw a snowflake and the resist technique to make your own cool watercolor snowflakes.   Click here to learn how.

Watch on Your Own Time

Julia Rymer

Color Thory Mixed Media

Marbling Monoprints for Kids: Learn how to create marbled monoprints with simple supplies. Great for ages preschool and up (with assistance). Instructed by artist and art educator, Julia Rymer. Watch video here.

Mixed Media Painting with Julia Rymer: Join artist and art educator Julia Rymer as she demonstrates ways to mix watermedia and drawing materials into an artwork. Create expressive, colorful paintings with lots of texture! Watch video here.

Cliff Austin

 Landscape Painting with Oils and Pastels

Join us as we follow Cliff on a journey to create 30 paintings in 30 days. We join Cliff half way through his adventure. Cliff will talk about his approach to tackle this daunting challenge. We will add more of his videos as they are completed.  

Day 1         Day 2          Day 3          Day 4           Day 5           Day 6          Day 7          Day 8          Day 9          Day 10

Day 11       Day 12         Day 13       Day 14         Day 15         Day 16        Day 17       Day 18         Day 19        Day 20

Day 21      Day 22         Day 23       Day 24          Day 25        Day 26       Day 27        Day 28          Day 29        Day 30

Janet Anderson

 Exploring Landscape Painting

Field of Flowers: Watch Janet as she explains her process for completing a landscape painting. This four part series will take you through all of the steps she takes from start to finish. Part 1- Composition and Initial Blocking-In        Part 2-Mixing the Palette         Part 3- Color Block- In    Part 4- Continuation of Block-In and Finishing Shapes

Fall Aspens: This four-part series walks you through Janet’s approach to painting those vibrant Fall aspens. Part 1- Starting Off on the Right Foot         Part 2- Adding Color        Part 3- Adding Texture and Fine Tuning Shapes        Part 4- Finishing Touches

Renee Reese

AAP14 - Spice It Up

Painting Lilies in Watercolor blog post: Renée guides you through her step-by-step painting process as she watercolors Oriental Lilies. This lesson covers resist and background techniques as well as color layering for glowing effects. Click here to read the blog post.

Watercolor Pansies Video: Paint cheerful pansies in watercolor with Renée & learn color blending and layering techniques. Click here to watch the video.  Reference photos from video are available below. 

                        Ref #1                   Ref #2                 Ref #3