Emergency Notification Sign Up

Sign up for ArapAlert emergency notifications

The safety of the community is a priority for Greenwood Village. Early warning signs help save lives and property. That is why Greenwood Village, in coordination with the Arapahoe County E911 Authority, is part of the Emergency Alert System called ArapAlert. ArapAlert, also called CodeRED, will allow the Greenwood Village Police Department along with other public safety agencies to make sure you know about emergencies and disasters before or as they happen.  Alerts may include natural disaster evacuations, hazardous materials contaminations, missing persons, terrorism preparedness, criminal activity, public health, and any other events that are deemed an emergency by the Greenwood Village Police Department. 

Landline Telephones Included

All landline telephone numbers and Comcast Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) numbers located in the boundaries of Greenwood Village are already included in the ArapAlert databases so residents and businesses will automatically get alerts through their landline telephones.  Residents and Businesses do not need to worry about adding landline phones to the notification system.

Add Your Cell Phone or Other Communication Device to Receive Alerts

You can also sign up to receive emergency alerts on any other communication devices such as cellular phones, email, pager, and fax. The messages will be delivered in the form of voicemail, text message, instant message, fax, or email depending upon the settings you choose.   You can add additional numbers and locations to your profile, so consider adding your work address, your children's school address, frequent places of recreation, etc. so you can receive notifications related to incidents in that area.

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Sign up for ArapAlert notifications on the Arapahoe County E911 Authority's website. 

If you do not have access to the internet, you can call the Greenwood Village Communications Manager at 303-486-8255 and they will assist you in signing up for ArapAlert.  Be prepared to provide your name, Greenwood Village address, and the phone numbers of the communication devices you would like to add to the ArapAlert database.  ArapAlert also works with telecommunication devices for the hearing impaired (TDD/TTY). 

When an Alert is Issued

ArapAlert (CodeRED) alerts will come in as a text message or phone call from a phone number with prefixes, 866, 855, or 800.  Text messages will come from 76127.  This system is based on home or work addresses tied to your cell phones regardless of where your phone is when the alert is initiated.  

Keep Your Information Current to Stay Up-to-Date and In the Know

If your phone numbers change or you get a new device, you will need to make sure to update your information in the ArapAlert system, where you will log in to manage your account.  


You can opt out of the system at any time so you do not receive notifications on your alternate communications devices, however, landline telephone numbers will remain in the system at all times and are updated every quarter.


If you have any further questions about ArapAlert, please call 303-486-8255.