Storm Water Quality

Importance of Water Quality

Water quality is important for all living creatures. Water sustains life. Whether you swim, fish or just enjoy a walk along a pond or a stream, pollution in water affects you. Water pollution is a detriment to aquatic habitat, can close swimming beaches or make water unsightly and smell.

Few people realize that their everyday activities affect the amount of pollution in our waters. You can do your part by understanding the ways water becomes polluted and incorporating water quality tips into your everyday activities.

Storm Water

While some stormwater pollutants are accidentally introduced into the environment, unfortunately, other pollutants are intentionally introduced into the environment. Some individuals routinely dump materials into creeks, ponds, and lakes. Even though this activity is illegal, it still occurs. Fortunately, the amount of illegal dumping in the Village has been minimized because of the vigilant efforts of the community. 


The Village has several regulations in the City Municipal Code to protect Water Quality. Section 7-2-150 defines illicit discharges that shall be deemed a nuisance including any liquid or substance of any kind that is not composed entirely of stormwater allowed to enter the drainage system is an unlawful act requiring abatement by the responsible party.

Section 11-9-10 adopts the Drainage Criteria Manual which includes environmental protection criteria including standards for erosion control, non-point source pollution control, and wetlands preservation. Section 11-9-30 adopts the Greenwood Village Construction Standards which contains environmental protection criteria including standards for erosion and sediment control plans for construction sites. 

Report Violations

In order to keep our environment clean and to protect our high quality of life, please report any suspected illegal dumping or discharging by calling Greenwood Village Public Works at 303-708-6100 during normal business hours. After hours please call police dispatch at 303-773-2525.