Where can I learn more about the service options?

Through the City of Greenwood Village’s partnership with Ting, Ting will offer Greenwood Village residents a service price of $89 per month for five years following the completion of each phase of construction and indefinitely waive standard installation fees for all residents. This package offers 2000 Mbps download and upload speeds, unlimited data, and the ability to connect 75+ devices. Learn more and sign up.

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1. What is the schedule for Greenwood Village’s Ting fiber project?
2. What communications can I expect from Ting?
3. What will construction look like in my neighborhood?
4. Where can I learn more about the service options?
5. Will Ting need to come in my house to install?
6. Why is Greenwood Village moving forward with this project now?
7. What is the City’s role in the project?
8. Who do I contact if there is an issue with construction or restoration?