Why do I want to talk to a prosecutor?
Prosecutors represent the City of Greenwood Village and therefore cannot give defendants legal advice on their cases. Prosecutors can, however, provide defendants with different choices as to how defendants may handle their cases. One of these choices may be a plea bargain which is often a sentencing concession in exchange for a plea of guilty to the charge.

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1. Where is the Municipal Prosecutor's Office located?
2. What are the hours of business for the Municipal Prosecutor's Office?
3. How can I talk to a prosecutor about my ticket?
4. Why do I want to talk to a prosecutor?
5. What if I cannot attend court on my scheduled date?
6. What is an arraignment?
7. How can I get information about my case?
8. I have been charged with not providing proof of valid insurance when the police contacted me. I did have insurance, I just didn't have my card with me. What should I do?
9. I have been subpoenaed as a witness in a case, but I cannot appear. What should I do?
10. I am a victim in a case and would like restitution. What should I do?
11. How can I report a crime or city code violation?