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Street And/Or Trail Use Permit Application

  1. In consideration of permission to utilize said Public Street and/or Trail permit as aforesaid, the undersigned jointly agree:
    1. Provide a map to include location or route with street names of proposed activity. 2. The undersigned person(s) assume responsibility for providing proper barricades for safely closing public streets to vehicular traffic. Please be aware that all street closures and lane closures must comply with the latest edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic control Devices (MUTCD). 3. The undersigned person(s) understands that the event cannot impede regular users on the trail and no portion of the trail can be closed for the event. A sign must be posted by the event group one week prior to event at the start, turn around and end of the event. The sign must be 18" x 18" in size with 2 inch lettering. The signs must be free standing and not attached to any permanent signs, poles, or trees. 4. Permittee hereby shall indemnify, protect and hold harmless the City of Greenwood Village, its agents, servants, and employees from and against losses, damages, injuries, claims or demands. The City of Greenwood Village requires a certificate of insurance for all events involving the use of public roadways or trails. 5. That it shall be unlawful for any person to drink or have in his/her possession or under his/her control in any public place, any intoxicating liquor in a container of any kind or description which is not sealed or on which the seal is broken. A special occasion alcohol permit may be obtained when holding an event in a shelter or field. 6. The undersigned agrees to comply with the City of Greenwood Village Noise Control Ordinance. 7. No Street or Trail Use Permit will be issued if the location requested is under any type of repair or construction.
  2. I have read, understand, accept and agree to the conditions of the street use and/or trail permit application, if approved and acknowledge that any violation will invalidate said permit and authorize termination of sad event by the City of Greenwood Village and the Greenwood Village Police Department.
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