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Right of Way (ROW)

  1. Application for Construction, Installation, and Occupancy within the Public Right of Way

    10001 East Costilla Avenue
    Greenwood Village, Colorado 80112
    Phone Number: 303-708-6100 Fax: 303-706-1976
    Right of Way Ordinances
    Right of Way Submittal Requirements
    Right of Way Adopted Standards
    Right of Way Application Instructions
    Right of Way Permit Fees

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  4. Permittee

    Owner of Utility (i.e., Comcast, Public Service Company of Colorado, etc.)

  5. Contractor

    Who is doing the work?

  6. Sec. 6-5-70.Subcontractor licensing requirements. A subcontractor is not required to be licensed if working under the supervision of a licensed contractor.

  7. Provide a list of Subcontractor Company, Contact, Address, Phone, License Information, Admin Email, and Foreman Contact information

  8. Supporting Documents

    Right of Way Permit Submittal Requirements

  9. Optional

  10. Work Completed*

  11. Nature of Emergency Work*

  12. Please use this map to represent what will be impacted in the city's Right of Way.

  13. See Submittal Requirements above for more information.

  14. Warranty Bond Application
    See Submittal Requirements above for more information.

  15. Stamped Original Bond (not a copy)

    10001 East Costilla Avenue
    Greenwood Village, Colorado 80112

  16. Special District Approval

  17. If the contractor, and not the utility owner, is signing for the permit, the utility owner must authorize the contractor. See an example. The document requires a signature.

  18. Location, Type, and Purpose of Work

  19. Including Restoration. Five days is minimum if Excavation is involved.

  20. Including Restoration

  21. Number of Access Structures to be Placed in ROW

    (Not applicable for Blanket permits.)

  22. Estimated Areas Impacted in ROW

    Please provide your estimated work scope. (Not applicable for Blanket permits.)

  23. Estimated Impact in ROW

    Select all the areas that will be impacted that are in the Right of Way.

  24. Total

  25. Total

  26. Square Feet (e.g., 1000)

  27. Linear Feet

  28. Total

  29. Square Feet (e.g., 10x10x2)

  30. Total

  31. Total

  32. Total

  33. Total

  34. Major Phase I/Major Phase II Permits

  35. Restoration

    If applicable, please read the restoration requirements in the Construction and Excavation Standards. (Not applicable for Blanket permits.)

  36. Acknowledgement*

    In accepting this permit the undersigned, representing the Permitee, verifies that he/she has read and understands all of the permit provisions; that he/she has authority to sign for and bind the Permitee; and that by virture of his/her signature, the Permitee is bound by and agrees to comply with all Greenwood Village regulations, including but not limited to The Construction and Excavation Standards for Work in the Public Rights-of-Way and any special provisions attached hereto and State laws regarding facilities.

  37. By entering your name in this field and submitting this form, you certify that all information in this form is true, correct, and compliant with Greenwood Village ordinance and laws pertaining to work within the city.

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