Solicitation Permits

Residential Solicitors

Residential solicitation is allowed in the Village but only if a Residential Solicitation Permit has been obtained. Solicitors must obtain a Residential Solicitation Permit from the Director of Finance. This permit requirement applies to individuals or organizations who are selling goods or services or who are seeking gifts or donations for an organization.

Important Information

A permit shall be valid for use by all members or employees of the organization. A valid government issued identification (e.g. driver’s license) is required at the time of application. There is no cost for the permit and all permits expire no more than thirty days after the date of issuance. Door hangers, advertising, or promotional materials are not allowed to be fastened or deposited in any manner upon any private property, including personal property, without having permission to do so from the owner or occupant of the property.

Please feel free to contact a member of Taxpayer Services at 303-486-8299 to confirm whether a valid permit has been issued to an individual or organization. If you have concerns about individuals in your neighborhood, it is advised that you contact the Greenwood Village Police Department at 303-773-2525.