Licensing & Permits


Businesses in Greenwood Village must comply with the Village's licensing requirements. More than one license may be required to operate your business in Greenwood Village. Permits may also be required prior to conducting business in Greenwood Village.

Information concerning the Village's licensing requirements for each type of license or permit may be accessed by clicking on the subject title to the left. Separate license applications and license fees may be required for each type of license.


There are numerous permits required in the Village. The most applied for are to manage construction activities that occur in the Village. If in the Village right-of-way (ROW) it is paramount to assure that impacts to residents, businesses, and visitors are minimized while balancing the need for new, efficient, and reliable technology offered by service providers. With a building permit it is making certain that dwellings, places of employment, entertainment venues, and retail establishments are constructed to recognized safety standards.