Occupational Privilege Tax

The Occupational Privilege Tax (OPT) was instituted in Greenwood Village on January 1, 1980. The revenue from this tax is used exclusively for capital projects such as street improvements.

Obtaining a License

An Occupational Privilege Tax License must be obtained by all businesses located within the Village. Businesses that have employees working in the Village long term for construction projects or temporary placement agencies may also need an Occupational Privilege Tax License. A one-time application fee of $10 is required at the time of licensing and annual renewal is not necessary. Apply for an Occupational Privilege Tax License.

Tax Portions

This tax consists of two portions; the employee portion and the employer portion. Both portions are $2 per month for a total of $4 per month, and both apply when $250 or more is earned in a calendar month. Owners, partners, and officers who do not earn a minimum of $250 a month are only subject to the employer portion.

How to Remit

The employer is responsible for reporting and remitting both portions of the tax.

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Employees with Multiple Employers 

When an employee subject to the Occupational Privilege Tax works in more than one city that levies the Occupational Privilege Tax, the tax shall be payable to the city in which the employee worked the most. Employees with more than one employer or working in more than one city with an Occupational Privilege Tax during the same time period should only have their primary employer withhold and remit the tax.

Employees Paid Through a Professional Employment Organization (PEO)

All businesses located within the Village must obtain an Occupational Privilege Tax License and file returns. At the time of licensing, please notify Taxpayer Services that your company uses a Professional Employment Organization. That information can be provided on the application or you may contact our offices at 303-486-8299.

Not For Profit Organizations and the OPT

Religious and charitable organizations may be exempt from paying the employer portion of the Occupational Privilege Tax. Please contact the Village’s staff at 303-486-8299 to obtain a tax exempt certificate from the City of Greenwood Village.