Use Tax

Virtually every business located in the village will have a use tax liability at some time. Businesses located in the City of Greenwood Village should obtain a Sales / Use Tax License and remit use tax on a regular basis. Use tax is equivalent to sales tax with one distinct difference: it is remitted directly to the taxing jurisdiction by the consumer. The official Greenwood Village definition of Use Tax is: Use tax is levied on, “the full purchase price paid for or acquisition cost of tangible personal property and taxable services brought into the city for the purpose of using, storing, distributing, or consuming such property and services. The amount of tax levied is 3% of the purchase price of tangible personal property or taxable services.”

How to Remit

The most common method is by obtaining a Sales / Use Tax License. This establishes an account with the Village and provides the taxpayer with reporting forms. Taxes can be paid online via the online tax payment portal.

Online Tax Payment Portal - Xpress Bill Pay


Use tax protects local businesses from losing sales to competitors located in an area with a lower sales tax rate. It is also an important revenue source for Greenwood Village. Use tax is not unique to the City of Greenwood Village. The majority of cities or states with a sales tax have a corresponding use tax.

Exempt Purchases & Transactions

The following transactions are exempt from the three percent Use Tax: 

  • Any time the appropriate Municipal Sales Tax has been paid to a vendor licensed with the City of Greenwood Village
  • Any time the purchase is for resale
  • Any time another city or county’s lawfully imposed sales or use tax has been paid at a rate equal to or greater than the Greenwood Village sales / use tax rate of 3%

Ownership, Name, or Address Changes

If your business has had a recent change of ownership, name, or address, please contact the village’s Tax Staff at 303-486-8299. You are also welcome to notify us of any changes by fax at 303-486-5757 or email.

How to Determine When Use Tax is Due 

See examples to determine when use tax is due.