Moratorium Streets

The Greenwood Village Municipal Code Section 11-3-220 specifies that excavation of the pavement of a newly resurfaced or constructed street shall not be permitted within two years of completion of the resurfacing or construction, with few exceptions.  

In rare circumstances, the City may grant an exemption to this prohibition or in the case of an emergency.  All requests must be made in writing and submitted to the Right of Way Permit Coordinator by email or hard copy to GV ROW Permit Coordinator, 10001 E. Costilla Avenue, Greenwood Village, CO 80112.

Please see the Greenwood Village Municipal Code Section 11-3-220 through 260 for additional information.  If you have questions, please contact the Right-of-Way Permit Coordinator or call 303-708-6100.

The streets under the excavation moratorium are listed below and highlighted on the color-coded map.

Map of Greenwood Village with color-coded streets

Streets Under Excavation Moratorium

  • Peoria Street from Cherry Creek Drive to Fair Avenue
  • S. Park Terrace Avenue from Prentice to DTC Boulevard
  • S. Ulster Circle West
  • S. Ulster Circle East
  • S. Elm Street from the North intersection of Linden Lane to Orchard Road
  • Linden Lane
  • Preserve Parkway from S. Ash Street to S. Elm Street
  • S. Ash Street
  • Foxtail Circle
  • Linden Circle
  • S. Beech Court
  • S. Beech Circle
  • S. Bellaire Court
  • S. Cherry Circle
  • S. Cherry Court
  • E. Plum Court
  • S. Birch Court
  • S. Alexander Court
  • Yosemite Street from I-225 to Belleview Avenue
  • Peoria Street from E. Belleview Avenue to approximately 3,500 feet north of Cherry Creek Drive
  • DTC Parkway from S. Valentia Way to DTC Boulevard
  • S. Quebec Street from E. Berry Avenue to Orchard Road
  • S. Boston Street from E. Peakview Avenue to Southtech Drive
  • Yosemite Street from Orchard Road to E. Caley Avenue
  • S. Emporia Street from Arapahoe Road to E. Costilla Avenue
  • S. Clinton Court from Arapahoe Road to S. Clinton Street
  • Preserve Parkway N. from Linden Land to the path-crossing
  • S. Highline Circle
  • S. Marigold Court
  • E. Forbes Court
  • E. Iris Court
  • E. Chestnut Court
  • S. Maple Court
  • Cottonwood Lane

Future Projects Under Moratorium from Spring/Summer 2024 through October 1, 2026

  • S. Quebec Street from Belleview Avenue to E. Berry Avenue
  • S. Quebec Street from E. Orchard Road to E. Caley Avenue
  • E. Progress Place
  • S. Roslyn Street
  • E. Crestline Circle
  • DTC Parkway from S. Valentia Way to E. Prentice Avenue
  • E. Prentice Avenue from DTC Parkway to DTC Boulevard
  • E. Prentice Avenue from DTC Boulevard to S. Yosemite Street
  • E. Maplewood Avenue east of S. Greenwood Plaza Boulevard
  • S. Syracuse Way from E. Euclid Avenue to E. Arapahoe Road
  • S. Yosemite Street from E. Caley Way to E. Peakview Avenue
  • S. Alton Way
  • E. Costilla Avenue west of S. Clinton Street