Traffic Engineering and Operations

City of Greenwood Village is actively involved in planning, constructing, and managing the transportation systems so that motorists will have a safe, efficient, reliable and predictable experience while traveling in Greenwood Village.

Through collaboration with various departments and agencies, long-range planning efforts of the transportation systems are evaluated to determine how best to accommodate future transportation demands. Efforts focus on identifying future traffic projections and developing multi-modal transportation systems that can serve all users while minimizing congestion on the roadway. 

The design and construction of many of the City's capital improvement projects address improvements as identified in the planning process. Through the timely implementation of transportation projects, the Village can mitigate some of the congestion of increasing transportation demands.

Finally, staff actively manages traffic operations to assure the components of a transportation system are working together in meeting the purpose of transportation management in the City. An example is closed-circuit television cameras are installed at various intersections to computerized traffic signal system.

The community can play a role in the resolution of traffic issues. If you notice traffic signals not functioning correctly, witness a disruption to the regular flow of traffic, or observe a damaged street sign, email Public Works or call 303-708-6100.

For traffic enforcement concerns including red light camera violations, call the Police Department at 303-773-2525 or report a traffic complaint using the traffic complaint form.

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