Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

As stated in the Greenwood Village Comprehensive Plan, one of the Village’s transportation goals is to “protect the Village’s residential neighborhoods by minimizing the incursion of commercial and transient traffic into residential neighborhoods.”  The purpose of the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program (NTCP) is to assist in achieving this goal by maintaining safe and pleasant conditions for residents and other users of public residential streets.

City Council and staff will work with residents to address traffic concerns in the Village neighborhoods to improve neighborhood livability and quality of life by mitigating the impact of vehicular traffic within residential neighborhoods.  The NTCP will make efficient use of the Village resources by handling each project request consistently.

For more information about the NTCP, please read the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program Policy.

20 is Plenty!® 

In addition to working with Public Works and Police Department staff, residents interested in reducing speeds in their neighborhoods can apply to participate in the Village’s 20 Is Plenty!®Program designed to lower the speeds of traffic in neighborhoods. For more information or to implement a grassroots 20 Is Plenty!® Campaign in your neighborhood, please contact the Public Works Department, at 303-708-6100. Additional information on the program can be accessed at Go Slower

For traffic enforcement complaints, please call the Police Department at 303-773-2525.